You can still remove it with some heat

  Most regular vinyl, even polyester, car decals won Wholesale Cotton Brocade Fabric have any effect on your window tint. These days, window tints are done with liquid tinting, however, if you bought an aftermarket tint, the adhesive can be quite aggressive. You can still remove it with some heat, but it may leave some adhesive on the window tint. How to Remove Decals without Ruining the Window Tint You can easily buy orange peel, oil-based, adhesive removers which won't damage your window tint while you wipe off the glue residue off the tinted window. But then, if you are concerned about this, what you can do is to get vinyl car window decals, which have back-adhesive, and stick them only to the outer side of your car's window. If you insist on sticking some in the interior tinted side, you can opt for static window clings that have no back-adhesive. Opting for Removable Decals Aside from Static window clings, you can also opt for removable decals.

If you are going to use this, you have to take note that the material is removable for quite a long time should you intend to leave it on. As most removable decals, they have a certain period of time limit on how long they stay removable as they are. Do Vinyl Window Decals Easily Wash Off? If your window decals wash off from your windshield, then you probably don't have a vinyl decal on. You must have bought a laminated paper decal # that is not suitable to be stuck on the exterior side of your car window. There are times wherein companies try to promote products with cheap paper labels which work fine if you are only sticking them on your fridge, your book, or your notebook. However, they are not suitable outside home or school supplies. Vinyl decals that are made from calendared vinyl sheet or polyvinyl material would never wash off from your car. It can last for 2 to 3 years before the dye completely fades. Hence, if you are planning on getting window decals for your car, make sure you get decals that are durable for outdoor use. Are Car Vinyl Decals Weather Proof? Vinyl decals, made from polyvinyl chloride, are supple plastic items that are either calendared or hot cast.

The cast vinyl is dimensionally more stable as compared to the calendared vinyl, because calendared has this memory of its original size and shape and tends to shrink with time (although, it doesn't shrink that much). The production with cast vinyl is actually more costly as it is poured hot. The material is thinner than calendared and usually has a longer warranty period. On the other hand, most decal printing shops make use of calendared films, except for printing car wraps or other hi end printed graphics that are mostly printed on a cast vinyl. Nevertheless, going back to the question, the vinyl decal material is, without a doubt, waterproof and weatherproof. Should you ever find a decal on your car that is not waterproof, then it is not a vinyl decal but a cheap laminated paper decal.

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